saudi arabia ballistic missile: Saudi Arabia building ballistic missiles with help of China, US intel and satellite images show: Saudi Arabia is now building its own ballistic missile with the help of China, US intelligence agencies and satellite images showed

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  • Saudi Arabia is building ballistic missiles with the help of China
  • Reports and satellite images of US intelligence agencies revealed
  • Now America will sweat to persuade Iran, Biden administration is in tension

Saudi Arabia is working with China to build its own ballistic missiles. Saudi Arabia’s missile manufacturing plant has also appeared in reports and satellite images of US intelligence agencies. With this revelation, a big change can be seen in the Middle East. Fears are being expressed that now it may be difficult for the Biden administration to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. The enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran is well known. A few days ago, Saudi Arabia’s envoy to the United Nations made a statement that Iran was not serious about talks.

So far Saudi was buying ballistic missiles from China
CNN quoted sources in the US intelligence agency as saying that Saudi Arabia has already been buying ballistic missiles from China, but so far it has not been able to make its own missiles. CNN has claimed based on satellite images that the Saudi Kingdom is currently manufacturing weapons in at least one location.

Briefing given to top officials at the White House
Officials of several US intelligence agencies, including the National Security Council in the White House, have been briefed about this top secret intelligence in recent months. It states that there has been a large-scale transfer of sensitive ballistic missile technology between China and Saudi Arabia. The Biden administration is now assessing whether Saudi Arabia’s effort to build a ballistic missile could change regional power dynamics.

America will not tolerate Saudi Arabia’s attacks in Yemen, Biden said – violence must end
America’s challenge to persuade Iran
Iran and Saudi Arabia are old enemies. In such a situation, there is little chance that Iran will withdraw from its nuclear weapons program if Saudi starts the work of making ballistic missiles. In such a situation, America faces the dual challenge of making Iran a nuclear weapon and preventing Saudi from going to China.

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Expert said – the need to stop the spread of ballistic missiles
Jeffrey Lewis, a weapons expert and professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, said the world is focused on Iran’s large ballistic missile program, while Saudi Arabia’s ballistic missile development has not received as much focus. Saudi Arabia’s domestic production of ballistic missiles suggests that any diplomatic effort to control missile proliferation would involve other regional countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, which continue to produce their own ballistic missiles.

China said – Saudi is our friend, military cooperation will continue
CNN asked China’s foreign ministry whether there was a recent transfer of sensitive ballistic missile technology between China and Saudi Arabia. To this, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the two countries are comprehensive strategic partners and have maintained friendly cooperation in all areas, including in the field of military trade. Such cooperation does not violate any international law and does not include the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


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