Saudi Arabia Futuristic City : Saudi Arabia Is Building Futuristic City With Flying Taxis Robot Maids And Fake Moon In The Night

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Saudi Arabia is building a $500 billion ‘futuristic mega-city’ with flying taxis and robotic workers. The city, named ‘Neom’, will be a Jetsons-style ultra-modern metropolis in contrast to the conservative lifestyle of Saudi Arabia. The cost of this city is $ 500 billion, which is being constructed by Private Investment Fund. The plans of this city are extremely ambitious which have not been seen anywhere till now.

The city will be located on the border of Egypt and Jordan which will start welcoming residents and businesses from 2025. The city is being built from ‘Zero’, which will be 17 times the size of London, powered by solar and wind power. According to the President of Neom, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the city of the future will be conducive to drones and will be a major center for the development of robotics. Documents reveal that the city will also have flying taxis, which have so far only been seen in science films.
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Robot servants will serve the rich
Saudi Arabia wants to attract ‘the brightest and best professionals’ to the city and make it a major commercial hub to compete with Dubai and Doha. The documents say that the robot servants will clean the homes of foreign workers and wealthy residents, which means that humans will no longer have to worry about household chores. Cloud seeding will be used to create rain clouds which are vital for a hot and dry country.

Fake moon will illuminate the night
Drones and planes will be used in this process. Apart from this, ‘Dinosaur Robot’ and ‘Martial Arts Robot’ will also be made for the entertainment of the people who will fight with each other. Saudi Arabia also wants to make a giant artificial moon that will shine every night. Recently, MBS said that he wanted the sand of the city’s proposed Silver Beach to be seen glowing in the dark of night.
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Robots can also help in the field of security
Saudi announced the creation of Neom at the 2017 Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh. Speaking at the event, Mark Riebert, CEO of robotics firm Boston Dynamics, said the machines could also be used as a form of ‘security’ in the metropolis. He said robots could be seen working in areas such as ‘security, logistics, home delivery and even care for the elderly and vulnerable.’


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