Second Meeting of Quad: Quad Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Second Meeting Date, Japanese Foreign Minister Says: Second meeting of Quad leaders to be held in Japan in September 2022

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  • Japan made a big announcement regarding the second meeting of the Quad leaders
  • Japanese Foreign Minister said – Second meeting of Quad leaders will be held in September 2022
  • The leaders of the four countries will gather in Japan to make a strategy against China

The second meeting of The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) will be held in Japan in September 2022. The heads of state of India, America, Japan and Australia will participate directly in this meeting. Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said he expected Japan to host the next Quad summit in September 2022 with leaders from the US, Australia and India.

no decision on date
In an interview with Japan’s Fuji TV channel, Yoshimasa Hayashi said the meeting took place in September this year. Since, it has been decided to hold it annually from now on, I am sure that the next meeting will also be held in September. Hayashi said that the Quad partner countries have just started coordinating the event. However, no decision has been taken yet on the venue or the exact dates for the same.

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Member countries will make a strategy against China
The Kyodo news agency earlier reported, citing sources, that a second meeting of the Quad leaders could take place in Japan in the spring. According to the report, ensuring economic security and opposing China’s growing hegemony are expected to be on the agenda. Quad’s first top-level meeting was held online in March, while the first in-person meeting was held in the US in September.

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Know what is quad
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) was initiated in the year 2007. However, it started in the year 2004-2005 when India extended a helping hand after the tsunami in many countries of Southeast Asia. The four countries in the Quad include the US, Japan, Australia and India. In March, there was also a meeting of Quad regarding the corona virus. For the first time in this New Zealand, The. Korea and Vietnam also joined.

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China is protesting
Since the formation of this group, China has been irritated and is continuously opposing it. Amidst the ongoing military tension in Ladakh, China’s official newspaper Global Times is continuously threatening India. At the same time, it is advising that India should stay away from Quad and follow its policy of non-alignment.


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