Selfie In Space : Chinese Spacecraft Tianwen 1 Takes Selfies With Mars Over The North Pole And Icy Surface Of Red Planet

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  • China’s Tianwen-1 Spacecraft Takes Selfie With Mars With Small Camera
  • Frozen ice on the surface of Mars’ north pole seen in the background of the selfie
  • China launched Tianwen-1 spacecraft on 23 July 2020 from Hainan Province

China’s orbiter Tianwen-1 is present in the orbit of Mars. On New Year’s Day, the Tianwen-1 spacecraft took several selfies in front of the ‘Red Planet’ with a small camera in which the poles of Mars can be clearly seen. Tianwen-1 left the camera in orbit to take selfies. China’s National Space Administration has released four new images that show Tianwen-1 orbiting Mars. Tianwen-1 can be seen in space in front of Mars’ north pole in one photo.

The second image shows the reflective gold body and solar antenna wing of the spacecraft. To take selfies, Tianwen-1 released one of its tiny cameras into space, which sent pictures to Earth via Wi-Fi. Another picture shows the ice frozen at the north pole of Mars very close by. Ice is found on Mars in the polar regions and in many places below the surface.

mars selfie

Selfie with Mars (Photo : CNSA)

What is the difference between Earth and Mars ice
Compared to Earth’s two poles, the ice found on Mars is made up of dry (solid carbon dioxide) and water. The Chinese mission is named Tianwen-1, inspired by an ancient Chinese poem that describes the universe. CNSA said Tianwen-1, which launched from Earth about 18 months ago, is now about 217 million miles (350 million km) from Earth.

mars selfie

Selfie with Mars (Photo : CNSA)

Chinese spacecraft was launched two years ago
China successfully launched Tianwen-1 aboard a Long March 5 Y-4 carrier rocket from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan Province on 23 July 2020. It had traveled some 475 million km and entered the Martian orbit on 10 February 2020. On the New Year, the European Space Agency also wished the Earthlings a Happy New Year in their own style.
Video: Watch from space how the earth moves from night to day, ESA shared the video
Timelapse video of Earth recorded from ISS
The space agency had shared some time-lapse videos of the Earth in which the rotating Earth could be seen entering from night to day and then from day to night. These videos were recorded by the astronauts on the International Space Station. Four videos shared on Instagram also showed part of the space station entering light from darkness.


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