Sex In Space News : Is Sex Possible In Zero Gravity Of Space Writer Claims NASA Conducts Secret Experiment On Various Positions – Is Sex Possible In Zero Gravity Of Space? Author’s claim – NASA is studying the position

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  • Is it possible to have sex in the zero gravity of space? French writer made a big disclosure
  • Author’s claim – By 1996, a couple had sex in space, NASA is studying
  • Pierre Kohler said that NASA has started a secret project with the codename STS-XX

On Earth, the interest of scientists in space is increasing. In such a situation, now the question is arising that if humans have to spend a long time in space in future, can they have sex in space? So far about 500 people have stepped into space. However, this figure may vary from person to person depending on where the boundary of space begins.

However, if this figure is to be believed, then the number of people having sex in space is still unknown. According to the Dailystar report, French scientific writer Pierre Kohler has claimed in his book ‘The Final Mission: Mir, the Human Adventure’ that a couple had sex in space by 1996. He said the issue of sex in space is serious. The experiments done so far in this regard are related to space missions of married couples in the future.
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NASA started secret project
According to Kohler, NASA has started a secret project for this with the codename STS-XX. It investigates what sex positions are possible in microgravity. Scientists used computer models to see if it was possible for couples to have sex in space capsules where it was extremely difficult to stay still. For this he studied at different positions.

experiment on two pigs
Kohler said he tested it on two pigs. The results were videotaped but were so sensitive that only a censored copy was given to NASA. However, NASA has rejected Kohler’s claims and has asserted that no such experiment has ever taken place. The Russian space agency has also denied these claims. NASA has made strict rules against married couples going into space together.

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