Shah Mahmood Qureshi Saudis Posture: Saudi Arabia Insulted By Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Offensive Posture With KSA Counterpart

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  • The pauper Pakistan, who grew up on Saudi Arabia’s money, showed its eyes only to its ‘master’
  • Pakistani Foreign Minister sits in a derogatory manner in front of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister
  • Qureshi’s shoe was on the side of Saudi Foreign Minister, which has angered the people of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh / Islamabad
The pauper Pakistan, which is based on Saudi Arabia’s money, has once again started showing eyes to its own ‘master’. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was seen sitting in a derogatory manner in front of the Saudi Foreign Minister on Tuesday. His shoe was on the side of the Saudi foreign minister. The Saudi public is furious at this way of sitting Qureshi. This is the second time that Qureshi has proved to be a headache for Saudi Arabia-Pakistan relations.

The people of Saudi Arabia are fiercely criticizing the Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi on social media, sitting in Islamabad in front of the country’s Foreign Minister Nawaf bin Said Al Malki. In this picture, Qureshi has pointed his shoe towards the Saudi Foreign Minister and it has gone through a lot to the Saudi people. It is being told that in this meeting both the ministers have discussed the latest situation in the area and reviewed the mutual relations.
OIC on Kashmir, Saudi Arabia did not support, incensed Pakistan Foreign Minister threatened
‘Shamelessness, folly of basic principles of diplomatic protocol’
On the other hand, the Saudi public has taken this meeting in a different way. One user commented, ‘Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has welcomed the Saudi Foreign Minister in a very wrong way. The Pakistani Foreign Minister’s reason for welcoming the Saudi Foreign Minister in this way, if not for a bigger reason (medical), is to the extent of brazenness, folly and ignorance of the basic principles of diplomatic protocol.

The Twitter user said, ‘If I were with the Saudi foreign minister, I would have got up and left.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is a rude, foolish and un-diplomatic behavior of the Pakistani Foreign Minister towards the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia. I admire the way the Saudi Foreign Minister quietly tolerated this humiliation. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have deep diplomatic and military ties but have deteriorated in recent years due to Pakistan’s idiotic behaviour.
250 Hindu devotees from all over the world including India are gathering in Pakistan, know what is the whole matter
Qureshi had given a big threat to Saudi Arabia
Earlier, Pakistan, dancing at the behest of China and Turkey, had now threatened its old ‘friend’ Saudi Arabia regarding Kashmir. Frustrated for not supporting Pakistan’s nefarious plot, Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi started threatening the Saudi Arabia-led Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). He said that the OIC should stop hesitating in calling a meeting of its Council of Foreign Ministers on Kashmir.

Qureshi had said, ‘I want to once again with all due respect to the OIC that the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers is our expectation. If you cannot call it, I will be obliged to ask Prime Minister Imran Khan to convene a meeting of such Islamic countries who are ready to stand with us on the issue of Kashmir. In response to another question, Qureshi said that Pakistan cannot wait any longer.

Saudi Arabia is not supporting Pakistan against India
Let us inform that since the abolition of Article 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan has been continuously pressurizing Saudi Arabia to convene a meeting of foreign ministers of OIC, an organization of 57 Muslim countries. However, so far he has not been successful in this endeavor. The OIC is the second largest organization in the world after the United Nations. Saudi Arabia is a major reason behind the OIC not meeting. Saudi Arabia is not cooperating in the Pakistani move to focus India on Kashmir through OIC.


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