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  • Video of Pakistan’s controversial Tiktok star Harim Shah goes viral
  • Harim had phoned Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid in a live TV show
  • Harim Shah has accused Sheikh Rashid of having obscene chat

Pakistan’s controversial Tiktok star Harim Shah is once again in the news. He dialed Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid during a live TV program. He also posted the video of this incident on his social media account. Seeing this video of Harim Shah started going viral. However, he later deleted the video. Harim Shah is the one who accused Sheikh Rashid of having obscene conversations.

Called Sheikh Rashid during TV show
Harim Shah had called the Pakistani Home Minister on Tabish Hashmi’s show. When Sheikh Rashid is discussed during the conversation, Harim Shah immediately calls him. Shaikh Rashid picked up the phone and asked Harim Shah to call back later. But, Harim insisted on talking to him at the same time. To which Sheikh Rashid said that he cannot talk right now. He also warned Harim Shah to hang up the phone immediately and disconnected the phone.

This program will be released on November 24
The show is scheduled to release in Pakistan on November 24. Earlier, in 2019, Harim Shan had shared a clip in which she was seen talking to the Home Minister of Pakistan. In this video, Harim Shah was heard saying that listen to me, have I shared anything secret about you till now, why don’t you talk to me now? To which the Pakistani Home Minister replied that you do whatever you want.

Imran’s minister Sheikh Rashid, who threatened India with atomic bomb, got stuck in controversial video chat
Harim Shah apologized by deleting the video
After deleting this video, Harim Shah also apologized to his fans. He said that he did not intend to insult anyone. Harim Shah surprised everyone by marrying suddenly in the month of June. She claimed that she was married to a legislator from the Pakistan Peoples Party in Sindh province. However, he declined to be named to the media. Earlier in February, he had confessed his love for Pakistan Peoples Party chief Bilawal Bhutto.

Harim was caught in controversies after slapping Mufti
In January 2021, a video of Harim Shah went viral in which she was seen slapping the poet Mufti Abdul of Pakistan. The incident took place after he had alleged that Mufti had made obscene remarks on him during a conversation on a TV channel. On the other hand, Mufti had categorically denied these allegations. After this incident, Harim had said that I have no regrets. If a man like him is punished, there will be no rape in Pakistan.


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