Smoking 100 cigarettes at a time is equivalent to sleeping with a mosquito coil in the room, know its health risks

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If you are also burning mosquito coils to avoid mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, then this article is for you.

Do not know how many people burn mosquito coils at night while sleeping in order not to bite you or any member of your family. But do you have any idea how much risk you are putting yourself and your family in doing so? Surprised aren’t you? Yes, these mosquito coils, which repel or kill mosquitoes, emit harmful chemicals, which can bring health risks.

Know how dangerous are mosquito coils

In fact, burning a mosquito coil produces about 75 cigarettes as much smoke. Which can prove to be dangerous for you and your family members. This information has come to the fore in a recent report.

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Coils lit to repel mosquitoes are harmful Image: Shutterstock

In this research, it was told that the smoke from mosquito killer coils can cause severe tension and blockage in your respiratory tract. Harmful chemicals released from it can put you at risk of many diseases.

How Mosquito Coil Works

Mosquito coils contain a mixture of several substances. These substances include mosquito repellents, as well as many other manufacturers, which enable the coil to burn slowly. All the substances present in this mixture are harmful to the human body.

It works in two ways. Those that contain insecticides will kill mosquitoes. Whereas the aromatic substances present in them (like citronella) keep mosquitoes away. This makes them less likely to bite.

Removes 2.5PM of smoke from 1 coil

Recently, a research was conducted in which several companies in China and Malaysia were studied on coils, in which information came out that a mosquito coil is as dangerous as smoking 100 cigarettes.

It emits 2.5 PM of smoke, which is very high. Tobacco smoke may not come out of the coil, but it is very harmful for our health. Because it contains elements like benzo pyrenes, benzo fluoroethane.

Mosquito coils can harm your health

1 asthma

Mosquito coils applied to repel mosquitoes can also cause problems like asthma. If a person breathes in coil fumes for a long time, then the risk of asthma increases. At the same time, breathing in its fumes in children can cause panic.

Mosquito coils can also cause problems like asthma. Image : Shutterstock

2 Effect on eyes and skin

The smoke emanating from the mosquito coil is so harmful that due to excessive exposure to smoke, it can cause irritation in the eyes and many skin diseases. The insecticides used in mosquito coils are not good for the eyes and skin.

3 Difficulty breathing

Those chemicals are used in the coil, which are also used in bug spray. In such a situation, due to the continuous smoke of the coil, difficulty in breathing starts. Excessive exposure to it also affects the lungs.

what to do then

Surely, your concern must have increased after reading this article. Mosquito-borne diseases can also be fatal and burning coils is also dangerous. What will you do then? The best treatment for this is to identify the places in your home where mosquitoes can breed. It is necessary to clean them immediately.

Also, make sure to install mesh doors in the house so that outside mosquitoes cannot enter inside.

Dress up and wear full sleeves clothes for the kids and yourself too.

Using a mosquito net for sleeping is a harmless solution.


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