Smoking ban in New Zealand: New Zealand has banned smoking for young people prevented from ever buying cigarettes

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New Zealand is going to take the toughest action on the tobacco industry and the youth of the country will no longer be able to buy cigarettes for life. New Zealand, in support of taking this drastic step, argued that other measures being taken to stop smoking are taking too long. In this country with a population of about 50 lakh, any youth born after the year 2008 will not be able to buy cigarettes or tobacco products in their entire life.

It is believed that this strict law will be implemented from next year. Health Minister Dr. Ayesha Veral said, ‘We want to ensure that the youth never start smoking.’ This proposal has been brought before everyone on Thursday. Under this, the number of shops selling tobacco products will also be reduced. Not only this, nicotine levels will also be reduced in all products.

Minister Veral said, “We will make it an offense to supply or sell tobacco products used by the youth for smoking purposes. If nothing changes, it will take decades for us to bring down the number of smokers below 5 per cent and this government is not ready to leave people behind. Currently, 11.6% of young people under the age of 15 in New Zealand smoke cigarettes.

Whereas in New Zealand’s native Maori, this figure is 29 percent. The government will hold discussions with the Māori health task force in the coming months. After this it will be presented in Parliament in June next year. The New Zealand government plans to implement this very strict law by the end of 2022. After this, the restrictions will be implemented in a phased manner from the year 2024. Under this, the number of shops will be greatly reduced. In the year 2027, the target has been set for a generation that does not smoke cigarettes.


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