solar storm warning on earth expert says two solar flare could be released from the sun

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  • Scientists issue warning of solar storm on Earth
  • Big movement seen on the surface of the sun, two explosions may happen soon
  • Solar flares are expected to move rapidly towards the earth

Seeing the increased movements on the surface of the Sun, scientists have issued a warning of a solar storm on Earth. Experts have claimed that at least two solar flares from the Sun are going to move towards the Earth soon. These particles, ready to leave the corona of the sun, will move rapidly towards the earth. Space meteorologist Dr Tamitha Skov said that many sunspot clusters can be seen from Earth. However, they haven’t exploded yet.

The four main components of solar activity include solar flares, coronal mass ejections, high-speed solar wind and solar energy particles. Due to these, solar storms keep coming on the earth. According to NASA, solar flares affect the Earth only when they are on the side of the Sun, where our Earth is. Similarly, in a coronal mass ejection, the huge clouds of plasma and magnetic field emanating from the Sun will affect the Earth only if their direction is towards our Earth.

NASA sees a big hole on the surface of the sun, experts warn of a solar storm colliding with the Earth
Space conditions will change rapidly in solar maximum
Bill Murtagh, a program coordinator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), said that we have seen very little movement in the sun over the past several years. This mostly happens during solar minimum. But, now we are moving fast towards solar maximum. It will be the fastest in the year 2025.

What did the scientists see in the sun that from now on they started giving warnings of 2025? Said – this alarm of destruction!
Classification of Solar Flares
The most powerful class of solar flare is known as the X class. Thereafter, in decreasing order of strength, they are known as M, C, B and A classes. Its X class is divided into three sections named X-1, X-2 and X-3. In which the most powerful are considered to be of X-1 class.

Solar Storm: Solar storm coming from space, likely to hit Earth in next 24 hours, internet may be closed
What is the effect of a solar storm on Earth?
Due to solar storms, the outer atmosphere of the Earth can be heated, which can have a direct effect on satellites. This can cause interference with GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. The current in power lines can be high, which can also blow transformers. However, this is rarely the case because the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a protective shield against it.


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