South Africa Omicron News : Good News From South Africa Records Massive Decline Of 38 Percent In Omicron Cases In Just Few Weeks

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  • Good news from South Africa, Omicron cases are decreasing continuously
  • Omicron’s weekly cases dropped by 38 percent to 14,390 on Monday
  • Of the total 309 deaths, only 40 were given both doses of the vaccine.

The first case of a new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, was reported in South Africa. But after a few weeks, the situation seems to be coming under control. The good news is that COVID cases in South Africa continue to decline as the wave of infections caused by Omicron appears to be over. The country, which was the first to report Omicron in the world, reached its peak in the seven days to December 17 when an average of 23,437 cases were reported.

By last Monday, that number had come down by 38 per cent to 14,390. These figures are an average of seven days, which is more reliable than the increasing number of cases every day. However, a small number of people are tested on Christmas. On the other hand the death toll in the UK shows that Omicron is less severe than the previous Delta variant. The daily death toll in South Africa reached its peak at the beginning of the year with an average of 578 deaths.
This trend of corona scare in South Africa, innocent under five years of age getting admitted to the hospital rapidly
Only 40 people who got the vaccine died
The daily death toll in South Africa is now around 60. This suggests that patients now showing mild symptoms of corona are much less likely to die in hospital. New data from South Africa last week showed that nine out of 10 Omicron deaths were from patients without vaccination. If we look at the total figures, so far out of 309 deaths due to Omicron, only 40 people had been given both doses of the vaccine.

Scientists identify effective antibodies
These figures reflect the protection offered by the vaccine. On Wednesday, it was reported that scientists have identified antibodies that can neutralize the novel form of the corona virus, Omicron and other variants, by targeting those sites that do not actually change after the virus has mutated. This study has been published in the science magazine ‘Nature’. This research could help in vaccine development and antibody treatment that would be effective against not only Omicron but also other emerging variants in the future.


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