South African parliament: Fire erupts at South African parliament building in Cape Town

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  • Massive fire breaks out in South Africa’s parliament building, hundreds of firefighters on the spot
  • 35 fire tenders were involved in extinguishing the fire, so far one part has been controlled
  • The reason for the fire is not known, no one was present inside due to the closure of Parliament

Cape Town
A fire broke out in South Africa’s parliament building on Sunday. Many fire engines and hundreds of fire fighters are trying to extinguish it. A plume of smoke and flames have been seen rising from this building in the heart of Cape Town. The cause of the fire in the Parliament building is yet to be ascertained. It is being told that it was a holiday of Parliament and no session was going on at the moment.

35 fire tenders engaged in extinguishing the fire
City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Germaine Carrelse told local media that the fire started early in the morning in offices on the third floor and spread to the National Assembly Chamber. Carrelse said no one was injured in the fire. He said that on getting information 35 fire tenders were sent to the spot to douse the fire.

Fire not extinguished in National Assembly building
South African Public Works Minister Particia De Lille said the fire in the Chamber of Council of Provinces had been extinguished, but the fire in the National Assembly building was still under control. The entire Parliament House has been evacuated and more teams of firefighters are being called at the moment. Officials said the fire broke out on the roof of the Parliament House and the National Assembly building.

Construction of Parliament started in 1884
According to the BBC report, the Parliament of South Africa is made up of three parts. The first part was built in the year 1884. It is also the oldest construction. The second part of it was built in the 1920s and the third part in the 1980s. The National Assembly was also created in the 1980s.


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