Speed ​​Of Light In Vacuum : Nothing More Faster Than Light Achieving One Percent Is Very Harder But Scientists Have Hopes – Nothing is faster than light! Achieving only 1 percent speed is also unimaginable, but scientists have hopes

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The speed of light is the fastest, but it is the fastest of all that exists. The law of the universe is that nothing can travel faster than light. Light travels at 300,000 km per second and can travel from Earth to the Moon in just one second. Only 1 percent of anything is a very small part, but even 1 percent of light is very fast, i.e. about 1,12,65,408 km per hour. This speed may be less than that of light, but it seems ‘impossible’ for humans to achieve it.

1 percent of light is 10,000 times brighter than a commercial jet. Humans have also invented some very fast things. Like a bullet fired from a gun comes out at a speed of more than 4184 kmph. At the same time, the fastest aircraft is NASA’s X3 jet plane, which has a maximum speed of 11265 km per hour. These achievements of motion may sound astonishing, but it is only 0.001 percent compared to light.
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fastest man achieved
Spacecraft are the fastest thing ever made by humans. Using rockets, they can go into space against the Earth’s gravity at a speed of 40233 km per hour. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is the fastest flying spacecraft. After launching in 2018, it entered the Sun’s atmosphere and achieved a speed of 531083 kmph using the Sun’s gravitational force. It is indeed very fast but only 0.05 percent of the speed of light.

Possible to achieve 1 percent of the speed of light?
Reaching 1 percent of the speed of light is possible but would require an enormous amount of energy. Now the question is, can humans achieve this? The answer is yes, but engineers will have to find new ways to increase the speed in space. Currently space companies use rocket fuel but that has to change. Electric or magnetic forces have to be used to increase the speed.

Claim- Possible to reach 10 percent of the speed of light
Scientists are also exploring many other ways to increase the speed. Some suggest the use of solar cells to move faster. Solar cells will be thin and large sheets attached to the spacecraft, designed in such a way that sunlight can pressurize them like air exerts pressure on a normal cell. Some scientists believe that 10 percent of the speed of light can be reached using solar cells.


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