Stephanie Matto Farts Heart Attack: Earning Rs 37 lakh per week by selling farts, woman suffers huge, reaches hospital, quits business – farts selling stephanie matto 90 day fiance star retires from selling farts after heart attack scare

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Stephanie Matteo, who earns Rs 37 lakh per week by selling farts in jars, has become ill and has to be hospitalised. Stephanie told that I thought that there was a heart attack and this is going on for my last time. He admitted that I had started doing more work selling farts. To make the fart more productive, Stephanie used to take 3 protein shakes and a bowl of black bean soup every day. After getting chest pain, now he has announced to quit this strange business.

Stephanie Matteo is a reality TV star and has worked in 90 Day Fiance. According to media reports, Stephanie was admitted to the hospital after developing chest pain and had symptoms of a heart attack. After several tests, including blood, Stephanie was told that her chest pain was caused by the gas-producing beans and eggs. Stephanie was consuming them continuously.

Stephanie used to earn Rs 37 lakh by selling farts every week. The condition had reached such a point that she used to sell 50 jars every week by filling farts. The cost of one jar of his fart was close to 1000 dollars. She used to sell this fart to her 2 lakh 60 thousand followers on social media. Stephanie told that during the illness she also started having trouble breathing. Whenever she breathed that she started feeling sensation around the heart.

Stephanie, who lives in Connecticut, USA, asked her friends to take her to the hospital. He didn’t tell the doctors at the hospital about his strange career of selling farts. The doctors asked him to change his diet and gave him medicine to stop the gas. This ruined his business.
Stephanie had earlier revealed, ‘For many years I have been receiving messages from men and women who wish to buy my clothes, bath water etc. I thought selling farts was fun and unique. It’s almost like a new item.’ The actor had claimed that hundreds of orders were coming daily to buy his fart.


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