Supreme Court of Pakistan: No one dares to interfere in my work… Why is the Chief Justice of Pakistan furious? – chief justice of pakistan gulzar ahmed angry over allegation on judiciary, says no one dares interfere with my work

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  • Chief Justice denies military influence on Pakistani judiciary
  • The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan said – the judiciary of our country is independent
  • Pakistan’s senior lawyer had made serious allegations, had cited world ranking

Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed has also joined the ongoing controversy over the military’s influence on the judiciary in Pakistan. He on Saturday categorically denied that Pakistan’s judiciary was being influenced by or taking instructions from other institutions. The Chief Justice claimed that the courts of Pakistan are completely free to do their job.

Pakistan’s senior lawyer had made allegations
In fact, a few days ago Ali Ahmed Kurd, former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Lahore, made serious allegations against the judiciary of Pakistan. He said in the Asma Jahangir conference that a general dominates a country of 220 million people. The same general has sent the judiciary to number 126 in the ranking. Ali Ahmed Kurd mentioned the Rule of Law Index 2021 of the World Justice Project. In this list, Pakistan ranks 126th in the category of Fundamental Rights.

Chief Justice said – our courts are independent
In response to this, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that he does not agree at all with the claim of senior advocate Ali Ahmed Kurd. He rejected the allegation that our courts are not independent and we are acting under pressure from someone or institutions. Pakistani CJP said that at least I do not remember any such instance.

‘No one dares to say anything to me’
He said that I have not taken the pressure of any institution nor have I listened to any institution. No one tells or guides me on how to write my verdict. I have never taken a decision for which someone else has asked me to do so, nor has anyone dared to say anything to me. He said in a stern tone that no one had interfered with his work. I have never heard, seen, understood or felt anyone in my decisions.

CJP advised the lawyer who made the allegation
The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that my court gives justice to the people. Ali Ahmed Kurd you come to the court and see what is happening. Read the court’s decision and see what is happening. My judge writes judgment every day, see how our court is working, it is our responsibility to have independence and follow the law, implement the constitution.

Chief Justice said – do not make false statements, it raises the confidence of the people
The Chief Justice said that it was wrong to make such generalized statements without citing any specific example. Even if a mistake is made, it is eventually corrected. Justice Gulzar said courts are free to decide what they want to do and do it regularly. Advising the Kurds, he said, “Tell me in which case the verdict was delivered till today.” He advised Kurds not to tell wrong things to the people, which could lead to discord and loss of trust in institutions.


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