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  • Taiwan building submarines amid growing threats from China
  • Six countries including India, America, Britain are helping Taiwan
  • China expressed displeasure, said – this will spoil bilateral relations

Taiwan is very close to deploying its killer submarines amid rising tensions with China. Taiwan’s secret submarine program is progressing rapidly with the cooperation of the US and the UK. According to recent reports, Taiwan’s indigenous submarine construction project is nearing completion. After which these submarines will be deployed against China in the South China Sea.

Britain giving submarine technology to Taiwan
Britain has contributed the most to Taiwan’s submarine building program. In the past three years, Britain has allowed several companies from its country to export components, software and technology of submarines to Taiwan. Cooperation on submarine construction between the two countries has increased in recent years, according to information obtained under the Right to Information Act from the UK’s Department of International Trade.

Taiwan’s voice amid tensions with China, will deploy killer submarines in the South China Sea
Six countries including India are helping Taiwan
A Reuters report described retired British Navy Commodore Ian McGee as a person close to Taiwan’s submarine construction. They are claimed to have recruited engineers and former marines based in Gibraltar for Taiwan’s submarine program. The report also pointed out that Taiwan has hired engineers, technicians and former naval officers from at least five other countries, South Korea, India, Australia, Canada and Spain.

China again rained bombs in South China Sea, open challenge to Taiwan and America
China furious over Taiwan’s submarine construction
After the arrival of this report, China has warned 6 countries including India and America about helping Taiwan. China said that such a move could harm their bilateral ties with Beijing, with regard to providing submarine technology to Taiwan and assisting. It is being claimed that an Indian company is reportedly among the six companies from the US, Japan and the European Union that have submitted the proposed design for Taiwan’s submarine construction.

China warns 6 countries including India, US for helping Taiwan in submarine project
China increased military activities near Taiwan
China has been asserting its rights over Taiwan from the beginning. This is the reason that from the senior general of the Chinese army to the politician, they have threatened to invade and occupy Taiwan. In January this year itself, the Chinese Defense Ministry said in a stern tone that Taiwan’s declaration of independence meant war. For this reason, China has significantly intensified its military activities around Taiwan in the last one year. On the other hand, Taiwan has also made full preparations for the war, taking a pledge to defend itself.

Tension with China: Navy of India and Japan came together, did maneuvers
Taiwan will trouble China with attack submarines
The Taiwan Defense Minister said that export permits have been approved from the US for all the sensitive equipment needed to lethal our indigenous submarine fleet. We started manufacturing eight attack submarines in November last year. Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine will be launched in 2023 and will be commissioned by 2025. He also pointed out that there has been no negative impact on defense ties with Taiwan in the US after Joe Biden became president.


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