Taliban Latest News : Taliban Kills Or Banishes More Than 100 Former Police Officers Reported By Rights Group

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Taliban fighters have either killed or forcibly ‘disappeared’ more than 100 former police and intelligence officers since they took power in Afghanistan. Human Rights Watch said this in a report on Tuesday. The group pointed to the continued retaliation against the deposed government’s armed forces, despite the amnesty being declared.

The report said the Taliban used government employment records to target former officers and surrenderers. In some cases, local Taliban commanders have compiled lists of people to be targeted, saying they have committed ‘unforgivable’ acts. Human Rights Watch said in the report, ‘The nature of the killings has created panic throughout Afghanistan, because no one associated with the former government can feel safe.’
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IS supporters targeted
The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on 15 August when its fighters broke into the capital, Kabul. The report said the Taliban also targeted people supporting the Islamic State group in eastern Nangarhar province, the epicenter of IS attacks. Witnesses said eight hours of fierce gunfights broke out in the province’s capital Jalalabad on Tuesday when the Taliban stormed a suspected hideout of IS militants.

Documentation of the murder or ‘disappearance’ of 47 people
Provincial intelligence chief Tahir Mobariz said that during the conflict, a woman and a man carried out suicide bombings in the house that killed them. He said the third person was killed in the firing. He said two suspected terrorists were arrested.

Human Rights Watch, through interviews with witnesses, relatives, former government officials, Taliban officials and others, said it documented the killings or “disappearances” of 47 former armed forces members in four provinces between August 15 and October 31. has done. It said its research indicates that there are at least 53 other murders and disappearances of individuals.

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