Taliban mistakenly transfers money: Taliban accidentally transfers money to Tajikistan-based opposition Afghan embassy

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  • Taliban mistakenly transferred $800,000 to its arch rival
  • Now that country refused to return the money on asking for it back
  • Taliban is already facing financial crisis, seeking money from America

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban, craving for pie, have mistakenly transferred a large amount of money to their enemy country. After which now that country is refusing to return these money to the Taliban. In such a situation, a bigger economic crisis has arisen in front of the Taliban, which is already struggling with poverty. The Taliban are constantly demanding the US and other Western countries to restore their frozen bank accounts. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan himself, is asking for donations from foreign countries by becoming the brand ambassador for the Taliban.

Send $800,000 to the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan
This enemy country of Taliban is none other than its neighbor Tajikistan. The Taliban regime mistakenly transferred about $800,000 to the bank account of the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan. Realizing the mistake, the Taliban demanded their embassy and the Tajik government to return the money, which was denied. Ambassadors from the Afghan embassy have since the beginning expressed their allegiance to the ousted Ashraf Ghani government and have strongly opposed the Taliban.

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Ashraf Ghani government had approved this money
Dushanbe’s news website Avesta reported last week, citing embassy sources, that the money was approved by the government of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to fund a school for refugee children in Tajikistan. However, due to the escalation of Taliban attacks in the middle, the Afghan government could not transfer this money and from 15 August the Taliban captured Kabul.

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Taliban did not know about the destination of the money
It has been told in the report of Avesta that the transfer of this money was done on a pre-scheduled date. There is no clear indication that the Taliban’s finance ministry knew in advance about the money going to Tajikistan. The news website EurasiaNet has claimed that funds have actually been transferred from the Taliban regime, but it is only $400,000. This transaction was done in the month of September this year.

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Taliban wrote a letter asking to return the money
The embassy source said the Taliban government had written to him in November asking him to return the money. This request has been rejected. The source said that we have not built the school, but for four months now teachers and embassy staff are getting their salary from these funds. All the money is being spent on the needs of the embassy and the citizens of Afghanistan.

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Why is Tajikistan angry with Taliban?
Actually, there is a large population of people of Tajik community living in Afghanistan. Their biggest settlement is in Panjshir, the biggest opposition stronghold of the Taliban. The Taliban have committed atrocities in Panjshir. Not only this, Taliban fighters, with the help of Pakistan, expelled their arch rival Ahmed Masood from his house. The vice-president and Tajik-born Amrullah Saleh was also banished. The Taliban had also got Ahmed Shah Masood, who was called the Sher of Panjshir, killed through Al Qaeda terrorists. In such a situation, Tajikistan is angry with the Taliban for the security of its ethnic groups.

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