Taliban News: Mannequin Is Beheaded In Afghan Store After Ruling Taliban Declares The Shop Dummies Offensive To Islam

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  • After coming to power in Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists are continuously giving obscene orders.
  • Taliban beheaded models’ effigies as ‘disrespectful to Islam’
  • In the video being shared on social media, Talibani are beheading the effigies of models.

After coming to power in Afghanistan, Taliban militants have been continuously giving orthodox orders. The Taliban beheaded the effigies of models in the shops, calling them “disrespectful to Islam”. In the video being shared on social media, it is seen that unknown people are beheading the effigies of models. At the same time some people are standing there who are shouting slogans of Allah Hu Akbar.

It is seen in the video that at least 10 heads are lying on the ground. Earlier last week, orders were issued to behead mannequins in shops in Herat province. In fact, Taliba has termed these effigies as ‘statues’ which according to him is un-Islamic. According to the Daily Mail report, the order to cut the heads of the effigies has been issued by the Taliban government, which is implementing it in the country after giving a very strict interpretation of Islam.

Each mannequin costs 100 or 80 or 70 dollars
Earlier, the Taliban had asked for the effigies to be completely removed from the shops but shopkeepers complained that it would bring their business to a complete halt and they would be destroyed. After hearing the complaints, the head of the Taliban ministry, Sheikh Aziz-ul-Rahman, ordered that only beheadings be done. At the same time, Afghan businessmen say that even after beheading they will suffer a lot, that too when the Afghan economy is almost devastated.

Afghan businessman Abdul Wadud Faiz Jada told the Italian newspaper Repubblica that the mannequins should have been covered with their heads, not beheaded. “Each effigy costs 100 or 80 or 70 dollars and cutting off their heads will cause serious financial loss to them,” he said. At the same time, Muhammad Yusuf says, ‘The Taliban have not changed. There are going to be restrictions once again. He said that when the Taliban gets international recognition, they will impose more stringent sanctions.


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