Taliban News: Taliban Operated Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan Kandahar Province Troll On Social Media

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  • The Taliban sitting on America’s helicopters are flying them like clumsy
  • A clumsy Taliban pilot crashed the helicopter in Kandahar
  • Due to this dangerous flight of Talibani pilot, the lives of people standing nearby are also in danger

The Taliban terrorists sitting in possession of billion-dollar helicopters of America are not understanding the value of these weapons and are flying them like clumsiness. In the city of Kandahar, a clumsy Taliban pilot blew an American helicopter into the air in such a way that it crashed. Not only this, seeing this dangerous flight of the Taliban pilot, there was a crisis on the lives of the people standing there.

It is being told that the Taliban had sent several helicopters on Monday for flood relief in Kandahar. During this, this helicopter crashed in just 40 seconds due to the carelessness of the pilot. It is being told that the clumsy pilot has been injured in this accident. This stupidity of Talibani pilot is now being shared fiercely on social media and people are enjoying it. He has advised the Taliban that flying a helicopter in the air requires education, skill and experience.
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‘Flying a helicopter, not running a donkey’
A user who described himself as Colonel Rahman Rahmani wrote that such stupidity will kill Talibanis. He said that flying a helicopter is not driving a donkey. After capturing the country, the Taliban have got many helicopters in their hands. Many of these also include helicopters from India. Taliban often demonstrate these helicopters with their army of terrorists.

Let us tell you that after coming to power in Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists are continuously giving nefarious orders. The Taliban beheaded the effigies of models in the shops, calling them “disrespectful to Islam”. In the video being shared on social media, it is seen that unidentified people are beheading the effigies of models. At the same time some people are standing there who are shouting slogans of Allah Hu Akbar.

Taliban termed these effigies as ‘statues’
It is seen in the video that at least 10 heads are lying on the ground. Earlier last week, orders were issued to behead mannequins in shops in Herat province. In fact, the Taliban have termed these effigies as ‘statues’ which according to them are un-Islamic. According to the Daily Mail report, the order to cut the heads of the effigies has been issued by the Taliban government, which is implementing it in the country after giving a very strict interpretation of Islam.


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