Taliban News: Taliban Wages War Against Its Dead Rivals Vandalizing Or Destroying Graves Of Afghan Army Commanders

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  • Taliban militants came to power last year by overthrowing the Ashraf Ghani government
  • Many months have passed since the Taliban came to power, but the war is still going on.
  • Taliban terrorists are not even leaving the graves of former Afghan army soldiers

After nearly 20 years of brutal violence, Taliban militants came to power in August last year by overthrowing the Ashraf Ghani government. Several months have passed since the Taliban came to power, but still these terrorists continue to fight with their former enemies. Hundreds of former government members and soldiers have been killed or forcibly made missing by Taliban militants. Now these Taliban terrorists, crossing all limits of cruelty, are not even leaving the graves of Afghan army soldiers and vandalizing them.

According to an investigative report by Gandhara, terrorists are destroying the monuments built in memory of Afghan commanders who fought the Taliban in the 1990s. However, the Taliban has denied taking responsibility for many such incidents. On the other hand, the Afghan public has alleged that the terrorists are also violating Islamic tradition which emphasizes on respecting the dead. In the latest incident, Taliban militants have been accused of bombing the tomb of former police commander Daraya Khan Talaash in southeast Paktika province on December 26.
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Destroyed the tomb of former governor Mohammad Dawood Dawood
Commander Talaash was killed in an explosion in a roadside bomb planted by the Taliban in the year 2020. It is said that 4 of his brothers also died fighting the Taliban. Taliban militants have also been accused of destroying the tomb of Mohammad Dawood Dawood, the former governor of Takhar province, on December 17. Dawood was killed in a suicide bombing by the Taliban in 2011 in the province’s capital, Talokan.

After the US attack, thousands of Taliban terrorists surrendered in Kunduz province in front of Dawood. He was a commander of the Jamiat-e-Islami who opposed the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. Afghanistan’s eminent journalist Bilal Sarwari has confirmed to Dawood’s family that his grave has been ruined. The Taliban have been accused of vandalizing the graves of many such former commanders.


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