Taliban orders women must wear burqa in public places: Taliban orders women to wear burqa in public places

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  • Taliban pasted posters showing women wearing burqa
  • Order of Islamic Police – Women must wear burqa in public places
  • Referring to Sharia laws, said- rules should be followed

After taking complete control of Afghanistan, now the real face of Taliban is coming to the fore. The Taliban, which talks about women’s respect, job freedom, is now implementing new restrictions. The Taliban have put up posters in many cities of the country including Kabul, ordering that women must wear a burqa while going out. Strict action will be taken if found without mask in public places.

Taliban 911

The poster released by the Taliban has a picture of a woman wearing a burqa. The poster has been pasted in cafes and shops by the Taliban’s Ministry of Charity. It is written in this poster that according to Sharia law, Muslim women should wear hijab. Sadiq Akif Muhajir, a spokesman for the ministry responsible for enforcing the Taliban’s interpretation of Islamic law, also confirmed the posters were put up.

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Taliban fighters strict on the streets
Muhajir said that if someone does not follow it, it does not mean that he will be punished or beaten, it is just encouragement for Muslim women to follow Sharia law. Despite this, many Taliban fighters on the streets are committing atrocities on women for not wearing the burqa. In Kabul, women already cover their hair with scarves, although only a small number of women wear Western dressage.

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Since the 1990s, the Taliban have made the burqa mandatory for women throughout Afghanistan. A large number of women in Afghanistan wore the burqa even after the Taliban was removed from power. However, after the recapture of Afghanistan, the Taliban assured the whole world that it had changed. Women will be given their rights.

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Women quote – the purpose of the poster is to spread fear
A Kabul University student and a girl who works for women’s rights said on condition of anonymity that what the Taliban is trying to do is to spread fear among people. The student also said that the first time I saw the posters, I was really scared, I thought maybe (Talibans) would start beating me. They want me to wear a burqa and not see anything, I will never do that.


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