Taliban Pakistan Army Clash: Taliban Pakistani Forces Heavy Clashes In Kunar On Durrand Line TTP Sniper Shot Dead Pakistani Soldiers

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  • What was feared in Taliban-Pakistan relations seems to be happening
  • Pakistani PM Imran Khan is seeking support from all over the world for Taliban
  • On the other hand, the Taliban is not accepting the Durand Line and is firing cannons.

What was feared in the Taliban-Pakistan relationship seems to be happening. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and outspoken Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi are seeking worldwide support for their pet Taliban. On the other hand, the Taliban is not accepting the Durand Line and is firing cannons in the Pakistani area. Not only this, the terrorists of Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) living under the protection of Taliban are continuously taking the lives of Pakistani soldiers. Due to this, PM Imran Khan himself has been badly surrounded in his country.

Afghanistan’s well-known journalist Bilal Sarwari quoted local people as saying that two Pakistani soldiers were killed in a TTP attack on Friday. In response, the Pakistani army started heavy shelling on the Durand Line in the Kunar area of ​​Afghanistan. In response, Taliban militants also retaliated and fired cannon at two security posts of the Pakistani army. This struggle lasted for about 30 minutes.
Video: Taliban gave a big blow to Pakistan Army, stopped the fence on Durand Line
Taliban had to send additional troops to the riots
Sarvari said that later once again shelling started on the Durand line from both the sides. According to villagers, the Taliban governor of Kunar province had ordered to open fire on Pakistani troops. He said that due to heavy fire between the Taliban and the Pakistani army, the Taliban had to send additional forces to the riots. Many villages were also caught in the shelling on both sides.

Meanwhile, after the Taliban attack on the Pakistani army, the Imran Khan government has been surrounded by the opposition. Former Senate president and senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Raza Rabbani on Friday questioned the Imran Khan-led government on its help when the Afghan Taliban is unwilling to recognize the border with Pakistan. What a hurry to do Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Inayatullah Khawarzami said on Wednesday that Taliban forces prevented Pakistani forces from “illegal” cordoning off the border near the eastern province of Nangarhar.
Durand Line Explained: What is Durand Line, why Taliban does not agree? War threatening to Pakistan
The boundary line between the two neighbors became a contentious issue.
So far, no official statement has been issued by the Government of Pakistan on this issue. Afghanistan’s government, including the US-backed regime in the past, has disputed the border and has historically been a contentious issue between the two neighbours. The border is known internationally as the Durand Line. It is named after the British bureaucrat Mortimer Durand, who in 1893, after consultation with the then Afghan government, demarcated the boundary of British India.

‘Why should we move on?’

In the Senate, Rabbani demanded that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should take Parliament into confidence over the incident. Rabbani said, ‘They (Taliban) are not ready to recognize the border, so why should we move forward.’ Rabbani also cautioned against reports in local media that “the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is trying to regroup in Afghanistan for the purpose of promoting terrorism in Pakistan.”


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