Taliban Warn Pakistani Army Soldiers On Durand Line If You Violate Afghan Boundary Line Be Ready For War

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  • The dispute between the Pakistani army and the Taliban over the Durand Line is increasing.
  • Taliban threatens war to Pakistani army fencing on Durand Line
  • Taliban said that we would like to fight a war with the Pakistani army more than the Jews

The dispute between the Pakistani army and the Taliban is increasing over the Durand line separating Afghanistan-Pakistan. The Taliban has threatened war to the Pakistani army, which is fencing the Durand Line. The Taliban also said that we would like to fight a war with the Pakistani army more than the Jews. The Taliban demolished a fence on the Durand Line.

The Taliban’s special force was led by the intelligence chief of eastern Nangarhar province, Dr. Bashir. Taliban soldiers said that Pakistani soldiers are fencing inside Afghan land. A video of Bashir is being widely shared on social media. In this, Bashir is threatening the Pakistani soldiers present on the Durand Line that if you people cross the border, then be ready for war with us. We would rather fight a war with you than the Jews.

Taliban opposes Durand Line from the beginning

The Durand Line is called the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The previous Afghan government and the Taliban have also long opposed the Durand Line. Earlier this week, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told a Pashto channel in Pakistan that Afghans oppose a fence built by Pakistan on the Durand Line.

Afghanistan’s majority Pashtuns and Taliban have never considered the Durad Line as an official border line. Zabiullah Mujahid had said that the new Afghan government would announce its position on the issue. The fence built by Pakistan has separated people and divided families. We want to create a safe and peaceful environment along the border, so there is no need to create barriers.
Durand Line Dispute: Targeting Pakistan, Afghanistan President’s question to Taliban – ‘Fight for the country or for any outsider?’
Durand Line is the legacy of the British-Soviet Union Great Game
The Durand Line is a legacy of the Great Game of the 19th century between the Russian and British Empires. The then fearful British Empire used Afghanistan as a buffer zone to avoid Russian expansionism in the east. The Durand Line was signed on 12 November 1893 between British civil servant Sir Henry Mortimer Durand and the then Afghan ruler Amir Abdur Rahman.

How Durand Line was made, know the story
Abdur Rahman was appointed King of Afghanistan in 1880, two years after the end of the Second Afghan War. In this war, the British army had captured a large part of the Kingdom of Afghanistan. Abdur Rahman was made king by the British on his own will. After which his agreement with Sir Durand in 1893 determined the boundaries of his and British India’s areas of influence on the Afghan border with India. Then the present Pakistan was also included in India.

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Taliban threatens war to Pakistan Army


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