Tattoo On Eyeball : Man With Blue Tattoo On Eyeball And Tongue Split Into Two Parts Reveals Inspiration Behind Body Modification

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  • Tiktok star got blue tattoo done on iris, tongue cut in two parts
  • Said- I feel absolutely comfortable even after a cut tongue, more relaxed than before
  • Revealed in a video – tattoo inspired by seeing a friend, has died

People’s opinions are different and very clear about permanent tattoos made on the body. Some people do not like tattoos at all, while some get tattooed on the iris of their eyes. The same has been done by a Tiktok content creator who has got an ‘electric blue’ eye tattoo. This person has more than 200,000 followers on Tiktok. A video told from where he got the inspiration for this unique tattoo.

The content creator is popularly known as ‘Vilonius’ on social media. Before Tiktok, Vilnius also had a lot of success on YouTube. He told that his tattoos and body modification did not affect his career. Still he works as a photographer and photographs for companies. Vilnius got his eye tattooed in 2012, and in 2016 he revealed the inspiration behind it in a video.
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Friend had got a tattoo done on the iris of the eye
At the beginning of the video, he said, ‘Many people want to know why I chose blue.’ He further said, ‘I think only blue and black colors look good in the eyes. I had almost darkened both my eyes but then I thought about it, and the only option in my mind was always blue.’ Vilnius told that my best friend in the whole world was the first to get his eyes tattooed and he chose blue. I looked into his eye for almost two years before I got my tattoo done.

tongue cut in two
He said, ‘Gradually I became very comfortable with him. And then when I got a chance, I also got a tattoo done. Vilnius said that so, I got this tattoo done after seeing my friend who died a few years ago. Apart from the tattoo on the eyes, Vilnius’ tongue is also divided into two halves. He says it is his favorite ‘body modification’. He said that I feel very comfortable with my tongue. I can’t even remember how I felt with the tongue attached.


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