These tips can help you to fight with omicron

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If you think that you have been infected with Omicron variant then there is no need to panic. Because if your symptoms are not severe then you can beat this new variant at home. How do we tell?

Omicron, a new variant of corona virus infection in India, is spreading very fast. Due to which the number of active cases in India has reached 2,47,417. Most of the cases are being registered in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. Initially, it was being said that the symptoms of this new variant will not be more severe than the Delta. But Delhi AIIMS recently released some such symptoms which are happening to most of the corona patients in India. In such a situation, many advisories have been issued by the Health Department. If you feel any symptoms of corona virus infection, then you can beat the new infection by adopting some important things.

Have you become positive even after complete vaccination?

According to media reports, experts say that it is quite possible that both the vaccines The person should be positive even after getting it. The corona vaccine only makes the body more powerful than before so that it can fight the infection. However, a major reason behind being re-infected with the corona virus can also be that the virus always enters through the nose. The vaccine that is being given now is creating antibodies in our blood. But if a person has received both the vaccines, then the chances of getting infected with the infection are greatly reduced and the recovery is greatly increased.

bharat me active 2,47,417 maamle
The number of active cases in India has reached 2,47,417. Image: Shutterstock

Know what are the important things you should keep in mind when symptoms appear?

1. Corona Testing (Covid-19 Testing)

Corona virus infection testing can be done on the basis of possibilities. If you have any travel history, then you need to get tested without wasting any time. If you have come in contact with someone who has had corona and you do not have any symptoms, then after isolating yourself for some time, you should keep an eye on yourself and then get corona testing done. However, if you are experiencing some symptoms on your own, then you should first take precautions and contact the doctor to know the difference between the symptoms of simple flu and Omicron, after that it is a good suggestion to get tested earlier.

In case of severe symptoms, RT PCR test has been advised by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  1. Isolation

If you come positive after getting tested for corona virus, then you are advised to isolate immediately. It is very important for you, for your family and for the society. Your small carelessness can put many people at risk of infection. After being isolated, you have to take some measures along with medicines which will help you in a fast recovery from the infection. If you live with your entire family, then you have to wear a mask for 24 hours in isolation and use a separate bathroom in a separate room.

  1. Steam

bhaap lena aapke shwasan tantra ke liye interactionsmand hai
Steaming is beneficial for your respiratory system. Image: Shutterstock

Corona virus infected person was being advised to take steam. Inhaling steam can reduce the mucus accumulated in our nose. However, no facts have come to the fore on how effective it is on corona virus infection. According to The Journal of American Medical Association, mucus is formed from mucus, so it is advisable to take steam. But there is no fact on the effect of corona virus infection. You can take steam if you have a build-up of mucus in your nose after being infected.

  1. Healthy food is very important ( Superfood For Omicron )

It is very important for a person infected with Omicron to consume protein-rich food. But most of the patients have a lot of problem in the throat, in which it becomes difficult to eat food. If you are also struggling with the problem, then you must include curd in your diet. It is soft and cool which gives a nice feel to the street. It is rich in protein, due to which there is less hunger. If you want, you can include potassium in curd, for this, add a piece of banana in curd by finely chopping it.

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