Tiananmen Square protests and massacre: Hong Kong university dismantles, removes Tiananmen statue

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  • China uproots a statue in memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Hong Kong
  • This statue was installed in the University of Hong Kong, the administration said – it was our decision
  • The idol was loaded on a truck and sent to an unknown place, armed guards were stationed

China has intensified actions of repression of pro-democracy supporters as soon as it wins the election in Hong Kong. On the orders of the government, a statue made in memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre at a university in Hong Kong has been removed. There is a ban on openly talking about the Tiananmen Square massacre in China. This statue was also known as ‘Pillar of Shame’. This statue was made during the British colonization in Hong Kong.

The university said – we decided after thinking
Every year in Hong Kong, mass rallies are held in memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre. The Council of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) said it made the decision to remove the statue during Wednesday’s meeting. The decision was taken after evaluating the interests and risks of external legal experts and the university. The HKU council has requested that the statue be kept in store and that the university should continue to seek legal advice on any appropriate action.

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The workers took out the idol under the supervision of armed guards
Late on Wednesday, security guards erected yellow barricades around the eight-metre (26-foot) high, two-tonne copper statue. Reuters journalists said they had seen several workers wearing safety caps at the scene of work. He had covered the idol in a white plastic sheet. During this, dozens of armed guards were also deployed for his security.

The idol was kept in the truck and sent to an unknown place.
In the early hours of Thursday, the idol was shifted from the spot to an undisclosed location in a container truck. They covered the idol site with white plastic. University staff later placed the poinsettia flower, a popular Christmas decoration in Hong Kong, around barricades. The university had also sent a legal notice to the custodians of the statue a few months back.

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What was the whole incident of Tiananmen Square
In June 1989, millions of pro-democracy activists gathered at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. A large number of students and laborers were also involved in this. These protests began after the death of former Communist Party general secretary and reformist Hu Yaobang. Hu Yaobang was removed from office by the then Chinese government due to opposition in political and economic policies. After which he was murdered.

People were targeted with tanks and bullets
To quell the six-week-long demonstration, on June 3-4, the Chinese army fired guns and tanks on peacefully protesting unarmed civilians. A large number of protesters were killed in this action. During this, this place became famous all over the world after a picture of a young man trying to stop a Chinese army tank was published.

China justifies the action even today
China even today justifies Beijing’s historic Tiananmen Square massacre as completely correct. Also, he has said many times that his socialist political model is the right choice to run the country. Last year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called the demonstration a political disruption. He said that we are committed to continue socialism with Chinese characteristics. He called on the US to keep ideological bias away, correct its mistakes and stop interfering in China’s domestic affairs in any way.


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