Time Traveler Predictions Year 2022: Time Travelers Make Bizarre 2022 Predictions Of Alien War Earth Would Descend Into Darkness

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  • From Baba Vaenga to Nostradamus, claims are being made about the year 2022.
  • Now people who describe themselves as time traveler have also joined this race.
  • In Time Traveler Says There Could Be War With Aliens In The New Year

Baba is making different claims about the year 2022 from Venga to Nostradamus. Now people who call themselves time travellers have also joined this race. Such people also have lakhs of followers on Tiktok. The in-time traveler says that in the new year, there may be a war with aliens and the discovery of the mythical city of Atlantis, submerged in the sea. A time traveler even claims that the earth will plunge into darkness and the pyramids of Egypt will fly in the air.

@aesthetictimewarper, who describes himself as a time traveler, said that on February 2, the city of Atlantis will be discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, which is the home of human-fish life. He also said that in this month a celebrity would come forward and admit that he had made the world an owl with his death. At the same time, Tiktok user @futuretimetraveller said that there will be many catastrophic events in the year 2022.
Prediction of Baba Venga, there will be severe starvation in India in the year 2022, aliens will attackA massive volcano will explode
This time traveler claims that giant aliens will invade Earth and fight with humanity. These monster-like creatures will be 7 feet long and will be dark brown in color. He said, ‘Whatever you call aliens, they will appear on Earth in the year 2022. Its exact day could be 24 May 2022. Another alleged time traveler @thatonetimetraveler said that a massive volcano will explode and kill a large number of people.

Let us inform that Bulgarian prophet Baba Venga, who has accurately predicted from the 9/11 attack of Al Qaeda to the tsunami in America, has warned that in the year 2022, a deadly virus will come from Corona. Not only this, he has also said that aliens can attack the earth in the new year. Locust attack can cause starvation in India. Baba Vaenga is also known as Nostradamus of the Balkan region.

Baba Venga lost his eyesight in a severe storm
Baba Vaenga real name is Vengelia Gushterova and she died in 1996. Baba Venga was born in the year 1911 and claimed that God had given him the rare gift of seeing the future. At the age of 12, Baba Venga lost his eyesight in a severe storm. He himself had predicted his death accurately. Baba Venga, while dying in the year 1996, had given his prediction for the year 5079.


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