tornado hits kentucky: Tornado Watch Tennessee, Tornadoes death toll Kentucky, Arkansas Updates: 50 killed in tornado in Kentucky, USA, know updates

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  • Huge devastation in America due to tornadoes, 50 killed in Tennessee
  • Tennessee governor expects tornado death toll to rise
  • Devastation caused by the arrival of four tornadoes, damage to nursing home, factory

The terrible tornado in the US state of Kentucky has caused great destruction. So far at least 50 people have died due to this tornado. An Arkansas nursing home, a factory in Mayfield and an Amazon warehouse in southern Illinois are reported to have been killed by tornadoes. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear also confirmed the death toll in the tornado.

Governor said – death toll will increase
Governor Beshear said in the briefing after the storm that we believe that the death toll from this incident will exceed 50, perhaps 70 to 100 people may die. He also pointed out that preliminary investigations indicate that the state faced four tornadoes simultaneously. Damage has been reported in at least 15 counties spread across western Kentucky.

Midwest-Tornadoes (3).

People were rescued by helicopter
Police Chief Mike Philback said Saturday morning that at least one person was killed at an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois. The roof of the building collapsed and the wall of a football field collapsed. Filbach said two people were taken by helicopter to hospitals in St. He said around 30 people present in the building have been taken to the nearest police station for identification.

Amazon also issued a statement
Meanwhile, Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha said in a written statement Friday night that the safety and well-being of our employees and partners is our top priority right now. He said that we are assessing the situation and will share additional information as it becomes available. At least one person died in a severe tornado in Missouri. Tornadoes also hit parts of the Midwest and South late Friday night and early Saturday morning.


Emergency Department on Alert in Tennessee
In Tennessee, two deaths were reported from the storm in Lake County, in the state’s northwest region, while one person was reported in neighboring Obian County, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman Dean Fleiner said. Fleiner said the Tennessee Department of Health had confirmed the deaths, although no other details were immediately released. The official previously reported two deaths in Obion County.

Heavy devastation due to tornadoes in northern Arkansas
Craighead County Judge Marvin Day told Cat-TV that at least five other people were injured and 20 trapped after a tornado struck the Monet Manor area of ​​northern Arkansas. The TV channel reported that disaster rescuers from Truman and police and firefighters from Jonesboro arrived in the area to help. The nursing home has about 86 beds.

Midwest-Tornadoes (4).

Footage from TV channels in St. Louis showed several emergency vehicles at the Amazon center near Edwardsville, Illinois. It’s not clear how many people were injured, but the emergency management agency of Collinsville, Illinois, called it a mass casualty on Facebook.

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