Total Solar Eclipse News: Penguins Dazzled By Rare Total Solar Eclipse Sight In Antarctica More Than Humans

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  • A rare and wonderful sight of solar eclipse was seen in Antarctica on Saturday
  • More than humans, penguins of Antarctica saw the sun covered by the moon
  • In many countries of the world, only partial and not visible solar eclipse was visible elsewhere

An amazing and rare sight of the only total solar eclipse of the year was seen in Antarctica on Saturday. It was only partially visible or not visible in most parts of the world, so who would have seen it in Antarctica? The largest group of those who saw this sight was of the penguins of the southern continent, whose population here is in millions. A total solar eclipse is rare because the Earth, Moon and Sun come in a straight line during this time.

According to the American space agency NASA, the solar eclipse took place at 2:44 AM EST (around 1 pm Indian time). During this, the shadow of the Moon covered the Earth for 1 minute 54 seconds. The space agency said that the people who got to see the view of the solar eclipse were present in the center of the shadow of the moon at that time. As the Moon came between the Sun and the Earth, the sky darkened.
Last solar eclipse of the year today, darkness will cover for a few minutes, where will the rare sight be seen?
5,500 people can be present in Antarctica
Those lucky enough to see this sight could also see the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona. At present, summer is going on in Antarctica and during this time the sun always shines in the sky. In such a situation, an estimated 4,400 to 5,500 people can be present on this continent for research. But more birds than humans live on the bottom of the coldest continent in the world all the time.

Antarctica is home to two million penguins
According to the British Antarctic Survey, an estimated 20 million breeding pairs of penguins live in Antarctica. Penguins can see such sights in any season and at any time of the year, even if it is the winter temperature of -60 ° C. Penguin may have seen this sight wholeheartedly, but many countries outside Antarctica could not see it. However, a partial solar eclipse was visible in many countries.


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