UAE Rain News: Burj Khalifa Is Struck By Lightning After Rain Marks Perfect Start To 2022 In UAE

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  • UAE has started the new year with heavy rains and strong winds
  • The rain intensified so much on Friday morning that many areas including Sharjah got waterlogged.
  • The video of lightning falling on the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is being shared a lot.

The UAE has started the new year with heavy rains and strong winds. On Friday morning, the rain intensified so much that many areas got waterlogged. Due to rain and strong winds, the mercury reached 7.5 degree Celsius. Meanwhile, a video of rain and lightning on the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa on Saturday is being shared a lot in social media.

It is seen that lightning is falling directly on the Burj Khalifa. The whole sky shines like day even at night. There is no report of any casualty due to lightning on Burj Khalifa. According to the UAE’s National Center of Metrology, the mercury dropped to 7.5 degrees Celsius in the Jebel-Jai area on Saturday. Cars were running halfway under water on roads in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi due to rain. People have made very funny comments about this heavy rain in social media.

‘It’s not India or London, it’s Dubai after heavy rains’
A user posted a video of a car that was submerged in the flood and said, ‘It’s not India or London, it’s Dubai after heavy rains.’ The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked people to walk cautiously on the road. Let us tell you that these days heavy rain and snowfall are being seen in the Gulf countries. The snowfall on the first day of the year in Saudi Arabia, famous for desert and scorching heat, has surprised people around the world.

On the golden sand of the desert, a white sheet of snow is seen spreading for miles away. Local residents of this unique game of nature are enjoying a lot in the north-western city of Saudi Arabia. Thousands of tourists have come to enjoy this snowfall on Al-Lodge mountain located near Tabuk. In February last year too, there was heavy snowfall in this area. Then the snowfall broke the record of the last 50 years.

Everyone surprised by heavy snowfall in Saudi
Saudi state news agency SPA has shared pictures of snowfall in Tabuk. In these pictures a thick layer of snow is visible over the cars. Not only this, local people and tourists are also seen enjoying this snowfall very much. The peaks of all the mountains located around this area are covered with snow. This is the reason that every year a large number of tourists come to visit this area. This area is so dry that only a few trees grow here. In such a situation, everyone is surprised by the heavy snowfall.


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