Uighurs Muslim In China: Activist Filmed And Exposed Network Of Concentration Camps Of China Brutal Clampdown On Muslim Uighurs

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An activist in China has secretly uncovered detention camps. Guan Guan had arrived as a tourist in the city of Urumqi, China. Although tourists often do not come here, so he was scared. An intelligence camera was attached to his bag, through which he secretly recorded the detention camps of the Communist government. The courageous activist in his mission uncovers the world’s most brutal network of re-education camps, detention centers and prisons.

According to the DailyMail report, these camps are located in Xinjiang province, where the Muslim minority, especially the Uighurs, are being repressed by China. The Chinese activist knew that if he was caught by the police, he would be severely punished for exposing the government’s atrocities. It is estimated that China has placed about two million people under house arrest in such camps. Guan roamed the area for two years collecting information about the camp.
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18 camps found in eight cities
They learned that the Uighur language was banned in schools. When he learned that foreign journalists had been prevented from investigating here, Guan decided to disclose it. Risking his life, Guan travels to eight cities and finds out about 18 camps. These included a huge camp which was spread over 1000 yards and resonated with slogans like ‘Reform Through Labour’.

China’s brutal prisons disappeared from the map
Many of these caps were not marked on the map. But they did record marks on barbed wire, guard towers, police checkpoints, army barracks, army vehicles and the walls inside the prison. He has released a video of his mission on YouTube, which exposes China’s biggest lie in just 19 minutes. Guan took the help of satellite images used in a report to locate the camps.

During his mission, Guan feared that if he was caught, he would also be sent to the same camps he had come to record. According to the report, Guan said that there are several detention camps and they are all monitored from the watchtowers present in them.


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