UK Highest Ever Daily Covid Cases: UK Sees Highest Ever Daily Covid Cases Amid Omicron Spread: UK recorded highest daily Covid-19 cases on Thursday

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  • Record new cases of corona registered in Britain for the second consecutive day
  • A total of 88376 new cases of corona virus were reported on Thursday
  • Delta variants as well as Omicron variants are responsible for increasing infection.

Record cases of corona virus have been registered in Britain for the second consecutive day. A total of 88376 new cases of corona virus were reported on Thursday, which is the highest daily case ever. Britain is one of the few countries in the world that first started the Kovid vaccination. Despite this, the record cases coming now have increased the concern of the whole world.

Omicron and Delta variants are responsible
Along with the delta variant of the corona virus, the Omicron variant is also mainly responsible for new cases of infection. Prior to this, the highest daily cases in Britain were reported on 8 January. At that time 68,053 new cases were found. Experts have warned that new cases of corona in Britain may increase further in the coming days.

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Cases doubling in less than two days
Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned during a news conference in Downing Street that cases of infection with Omicron were doubling in less than two days. He expressed hope that the campaign to give booster doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines will help in dealing with this.

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Fear after first death from Omicron in UK
There is fear among people in Britain after the first death from the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron. Confirming the first death from Omicron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that this new strain is taking a large number of people to the hospital. He warned that people should not underestimate the danger of Omicron.

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75000 people fear death due to Omicron in UK
A new study has claimed that between 25,000 and 75,000 people could die from the novel coronavirus, Omicron, by April next year if additional control measures are not taken in the UK. Omicron has the potential to cause a wave of infections in England. This may reach higher levels than the cases of large-scale infections and hospitalizations during January 2021.

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Work on giving booster doses started in Britain
In Britain, the work of giving booster doses of Kovid vaccine to people over the age of 30 has started from Monday. UK health officials said that this is one of the steps taken to control the fast-spreading corona virus in the country. England’s National Health Service (NHS) said there are 7.5 million people aged 30 to 39 in the country, of whom 3.5 million are eligible for a booster dose from Monday.

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