unsc aid resolution on afghanistan: UNSC aid resolution cuts Taliban more slack on terrorism, human rights, women’s rights in Afghanistan

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  • Taliban happy with UNSC’s offer of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
  • This dreaded terrorist organization has forgotten the promises due to help from all over the world
  • The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day, there has been a situation of starvation.

After occupying Afghanistan, the Taliban is once again behaving like an autocratic dictator. Since August, Taliban fighters have been making a mockery of civil rights. Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Afghanistan has given more leeway to the Taliban. Earlier, the Taliban who were pretending to show themselves as Sharif in the pursuit of recognition from the world. The great thing is that India also supported this UNSC resolution.

What was in the UNSC resolution?
UNSC resolution 2615 passed on 22 December allows unhindered access to aid for humanitarian operations in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the Taliban has slowed down on promises like stopping terrorist safe havens on its soil, human rights including gender and minority rights, creating an inclusive government minority. Earlier, the Taliban was making a little pretense of fulfilling all those promises to get such aids from abroad.

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Taliban sluggish on promises due to easing of restrictions
First, after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, many new sanctions were imposed on this country. Many western countries, including the US, had frozen all funds in foreign banks in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the Taliban was fascinated by the pie-pie. Now after the relaxation of the UNSC, countries around the world are sending a large number of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

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India is also continuously sending humanitarian aid
India has also sent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan several times since November. This includes many essential items like medicines, Kovid vaccine. India started humanitarian aid to Taliban-administered Afghanistan after a meeting of several countries in the Russian capital Moscow. The Taliban also participated in this meeting. In such a situation, due to the help from abroad, the Taliban is now slow to fulfill the promises which it had mentioned after the occupation.

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Taliban crushing women’s freedom
The Taliban had promised that this time it would give more leeway to Afghan women. This included promises like getting a job, traveling alone, studying. Now the religious police of the Taliban are imposing new restrictions every day. A day earlier, pamphlets were pasted on cafes and shops in Kabul. It is written in it that women should not go out without wearing a burqa. Not only this, a ban has also been announced on traveling without a male companion. Entry of women has been restricted in many ministries.


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