Uranus was hit by huge rock: Uranus was hit by an object two times bigger than Earth causes strange tilt

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Several years ago, the planet Uranus collided with an object about twice the size of Earth. Scientists have expressed this possibility. Research led by Jacob Kageres, a PhD researcher at Durham University, explains why the planet has a strange tilt. According to research, it must have collided with an object made of rock or ice about four billion years ago. University experts have given this information in the Astrophysical Journal.

50 different collision scenarios were used for the search. In this it was found that the debris created by that collision has been acting as a thermal shield for the planet since then that is why its outer atmosphere is so cold. Kageres said that Uranus rotates to its side. Its axis makes an almost right angle with all the other planets in the Solar System.
The ocean is hidden in the ‘depth’ of space, but where? Scientist said – investigation of the moon of Uranus will reveal the secret
Uranus collided with an object twice the mass of Earth
He said it was almost certainly caused by a giant collision but we know very little about how it actually happened and how such events affected the planet. Our findings confirm that the most likely outcome is that young Uranus collided with an object twice the mass of Earth. Earlier this year Kageres and his team found that such collisions can have ‘widespread consequences’ on young plants and their atmospheres.

There may be an ocean on the moon of Uranus
Earlier, a study had shown that the two largest moons of our solar system’s seventh planet Uranus (Arun) may have oceans hidden under the surface. Uranus has 27 known moons with Titania and Oberon being the largest and second largest, respectively. According to the report of DailyMail, researchers have revealed that if heat is released from their outer shell, then oceans may exist on both.


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