us army suicide report: US soldiers dying less than Corona and more by suicide: US soldiers dying less than Corona and more by suicide

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  • More soldiers dying of suicide than Corona in the US Army
  • 639 US Army personnel committed suicide in 2021
  • So far 86 US Army personnel have died from Corona

US soldiers are dying due to more suicides from the corona virus. The figures of US soldiers who committed suicide only in the third quarter of 2021 have so far surpassed the number of soldiers who died from Kovid. From July to September 2021, 163 members of various units of the US military committed suicide. Whereas, only 86 deaths have occurred from Corona so far.

death by suicide more than corona
Fox News quoted the US Defense Ministry as saying that the death toll by suicide in the military is increasing continuously. From July to September 2021, 163 soldiers have committed suicide. These included 70 active service members, 56 Reserve Force and 37 National Guard personnel. Compared to the second quarter of 2021, the suicide rate among active members of the US military has decreased, while those in the Reserve Force and National Guard have increased.

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639 soldiers committed suicide in 2021
As of September 2021, the total number of deaths due to corona virus in the US military was 43. Due to the cases of Delta variant and Omicron in the US, this death toll had risen to 86 as of January 8. As of three quarters of the previous year (2021), the total number of suicide deaths in the US military was 476. That is, adding all the four quarters, this figure is reaching 639, according to Pentagon data, 701 US Army personnel committed suicide in 2020.

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30 thousand soldiers committed suicide since 9/11
A study conducted on the Cost of War Project of Brown University and Boston University in the US gives the number of suicide deaths of American soldiers after 9/11. This research states that 30,177 American active servicemen have committed suicide since the attack on the World Trade Center. A total of 7,057 American soldiers were killed during the wars during this period.

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America working to stop suicide
The US military has started a variety of counseling to prevent suicide attempts by soldiers. In this, if any soldier is not found mentally fit, he is sent for compulsory mental examination. Apart from this, such soldiers are also kept away from the reach of weapons.


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