us diplomatic boycott of beijing winter olympics: big setback to china, america announces diplomatic boycott of winter olympics

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America’s Biden administration announced on Monday that American officials would not participate in the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, China. The US has made this announcement at a time when the Chinese dragon has vowed that it will “retaliate” against such diplomatic boycott. Earlier last month, US President Joe Biden said he was considering a diplomatic boycott of the Games in protest of China’s human rights record.

America’s announcement of this boycott will not stop its players from participating in the games. America is going to organize the Olympics in Los Angeles in the year 2028. After this announcement, the question has now arisen as to how China will respond to America. China claims that it opposes the politicization of sport, but it itself has punished American sports federations.

‘US trying to politicize sporting event’
Earlier, China criticized Biden, saying that Washington was trying to politicize the international sporting event. Earlier, after the online summit between Biden and Xi Jinping, the two leaders said that they should respect each other and coexist peacefully. Beijing is making great preparations to host the Winter Olympic Games in February next year.

The event will make Beijing the only city in the world to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics. The city hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. A diplomatic boycott by the US and its allies could affect the grandeur of the event as their official delegation on their human rights issue would be absent from there.

The US and EU countries have accused China of widespread human rights allegations against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, who were protesting the growing settlements of the majority Han Chinese. He is also critical of the human rights situation in Hong Kong and Tibet. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said recently, ‘I want to emphasize that the issue of Xinjiang is completely China’s internal matter, in which no foreign interference will be accepted in any way. ‘

‘Olympic Games a platform for sportspersons from all over the world’
Zhao said the US had falsely accused China of “so-called bonded labor and genocide”. “In the eyes of the Chinese people, she is nothing more than a laughing stock and the other allegations made by the US are absolutely baseless,” he said. “I would like to emphasize that the Winter Paralympic and Olympic Games are a platform for sports for sportspersons from all over the world,” he said. “Politicizing it will only harm the interests of the Olympic movement and all athletes,” the spokesperson said. We are confident that with joint efforts, we will surely present to the world an orderly, luxurious and safe sport and take the Olympic Games forward.


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