US On China: US Pentagon To Expand Bases In Guam Australia To Counter Chinese Threats Good News For India

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  • China’s growing grandeur near the South China Sea and Japan coast
  • US to modernize military bases located in Guam-Australia
  • The US Defense Ministry took this decision after its extensive review.

The United States has begun modernizing its military bases in the Pacific Ocean, located in Guam and Australia, to rein in China’s growing oppression along the South China Sea and the coast of Japan. The US Defense Ministry, after its comprehensive review, has decided that the deployment of troops will be increased on the military bases built to deal with the threat of China and Russia. The US will continue to deploy its troops in the Middle East to rein in Iran.

The Biden administration started a ‘global condition review’ early in its term. This report has been kept confidential for now so that the secret plan of his friends cannot be revealed. However, it has been confirmed that the Indo-Pacific region will remain a priority area for the US military. This review states that collaboration with partners and partners will be enhanced. This will bring stability to the region and prevent any aggressive military operation by China and North Korea.
China showed power, warships equipped with killer missiles sent under America’s nose
New fighter and bomber deployed in Australia

Top Pentagon official Mara Karlin has said that credible strength will be increased to curb Russia’s offensive in Europe so that NATO troops can work effectively. Mara said that military deployment in Guam and Australia will be increased to deal with the threat from China. He said, ‘In Australia you will see that new fighters and bombers will be deployed. You will see that infantry training will increase and cooperation in strategic fortifications will increase.

Mara said the airport, fuel and weapons storage would also be expanded in Guam. America’s military fortifications in Guam and Australia is good news for India. India, Taiwan, Japan and the countries of South East Asia are troubled by China’s aggressive stance. China is deploying weapons on a large scale along the border from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. Thousands of Chinese soldiers are stationed on the LAC. With this deployment of America, China will have to struggle on both fronts.

US to expand bases in Guam

US will increase its military deployment in Guam-Australia


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