US threatens Russia with war, China warns if attacked with F-35 then Get Big Surprise

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  • Biden threatens Russia over attack against Ukraine, China gets chilli
  • Chinese media warned America, said- its air defense system is very strong
  • Chinese media is counting the name of Russian air defense system

China has also jumped to further fuel the ongoing tension between the US and Russia over Ukraine. China’s state media is continuously making provocative statements in support of Russia. Global Times, People’s Daily, CGTN and Sohu web portal are continuously threatening the US in their respective editorials. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has spoken to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He promised that if Russia attacked Ukraine, the US and its allies would take decisive action.

Chinese media threaten America
The Sohu web portal has warned that if the Pentagon (US Ministry of Defense) strikes against Russia in the Black Sea through its F-36 fighter planes, it will be given a befitting reply. This report has claimed that Russia’s upgraded S-300PM-2 long-range air defense system is capable of shooting down any foreign fighter aircraft. It is also said that its superior radar and ultrasensitive sensor can detect any intruder up to a range of 200 to 250 km.

America’s F-35 has no weapons
In this report of Chinese media, it has even been said that America’s F-35 does not have any such missile, which can hit such a distance. The expert was quoted as saying that it is believed that in view of the deepening crisis in Eastern Europe, America and NATO will avoid having a big fight. They can take the route of air strikes through their F-35 fighter planes.

Turkey’s drone and Russian missile system face to face on Ukraine border, who will win if there is a war?
Global Times names Russian air defense system
Not only this, the Global Times has also warned in its editorial that Russia has such powerful air defense systems that America and other Western countries cannot do anything even if they want. Chinese media has mentioned Russia’s S-400, S-500, S-550, upgraded S-300. Apart from this, Russia also has many such short range and medium range air defense systems, which can beat America.

Russia Ukraine War: Threat of World War III in Europe? Ukrainian minister warns on tension with Russia, heated atmosphere
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister warns of nuclear war
Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned of repeating the 1962 Cuban missile crisis with a terrible nuclear war. He said it is possible to see nuclear war if things continue as they are. Russia and the US are almost equal in terms of nuclear weapons in the world. Russia has a plethora of hypersonic missiles that are almost impossible for US air defense systems to intercept.

Russian nuclear bombers Tu-22M3, patrolling in Belarus, not planning an attack on Ukraine?
Ukrainian Defense Minister said – Russia is preparing for attack
The Defense Minister of Ukraine claimed that no action would be taken by his country to worsen the situation. He warned that Ukraine was fully prepared to retaliate if Russia attacked. He told that our intelligence agency has analyzed the worst-case scenario. In this it has been learned that there is a fear of aggressive action on a large scale from the Russian side.


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