us troops in japan: US troops in Japan were banned from leaving the base Due to Covid Cases: US troops in Japan barred from exiting the base

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  • Japan made an agreement with America and stopped US Army personnel at the base
  • American soldiers banned from leaving the base without permission
  • America has 40 thousand navy personnel present in Japan

The US army present in Japan has been imprisoned in its base. US troops are prohibited from leaving the base except for emergency and security reasons. The US Navy’s Seventh Fleet also has a base in Yokosuka, Japan. About 40 thousand marines of the US Marine Corps and Coast Guard are deployed to maintain their threat in East and South Asia.

Japan signs agreement with America
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Sunday that a fundamental agreement has been reached with the US amid growing concerns about Kovid-19. Under this, there will be a restriction for American soldiers to leave the base located in Japan. Kishida said American troops would remain at the base. They will only leave the base when absolutely necessary, which means they will only be able to leave for emergencies or security reasons.

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Japanese PM said – no change in security treaty
The prime minister said on Fuji TV that the details of the deal were still being worked out and that there would be no changes to the overall security agreement with the US. Japan last week sought cooperation from the US to keep its military personnel at the base.

Corona cases increased rapidly in Japan
Japan has recently seen a sharp increase in new cases of Kovid-19. Health experts have termed it as the sixth wave. On Saturday, after four months, the maximum number of more than eight thousand cases of infection were reported. One reason for the increase in cases is also being told to the US military, as most of the new cases are coming from around its military base.

Now the new treaty will stop the nuclear arms race in the world? Against these countries including India-USA-China
America’s responsibility to protect Japan
The United States had made a pact to protect Japan after a nuclear attack during World War II. The treaty was signed between Japan and the US on 8 September 1951. It is also known as the San Francisco Treaty. There are 5 articles mentioned in this treaty. It also includes the right for the US to build its naval base in Japan. In this, an attack on Japan will be considered an attack on America and the US Army will protect Japan.


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