Vaccination In US: Many Members Of The National Guard In America Are Refusing To Be Vaccinated Challenges Government Order In Court

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In the US, Texas officials reported that thousands of members of the National Guard are refusing to receive anti-Covid-19 vaccines. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has challenged the order of President Joe Biden’s administration in court to make it mandatory for all members of the military to get vaccinated. Paxton filed the lawsuit Tuesday, a week after a federal judge dismissed a similar challenge from Oklahoma’s governor.

The lawsuit comes amid growing opposition from the Republican Party to make vaccinations mandatory for members of the Guard. The National Guard has more than 20,000 members in Texas, the largest contingent deployed in any state. Nearly 40 percent of its Army National Guard members are refusing to receive anti-Covid-19 vaccines, citing religious and other reasons, according to a lawsuit filed in a federal court in East Texas.
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Vaccination denied on religious grounds
It said that more than 200 Texas Guard airmen are also refusing to be vaccinated. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s decision to make vaccinations mandatory for all members of the military is facing many challenges. Another federal judge in Texas on Monday ordered a halt to action against 35 Navy sailors who refuse to obey on religious grounds.

Biden appealed in the midst of Corona’s great explosion
US President Joe Biden on Tuesday appealed to people to take precautions amid a huge increase in cases of Kovid-19. On Tuesday, more than one million cases of corona have been reported in America. The US administration is struggling to deal with many problems, including the lack of investigation, the closure of schools, due to the increase in cases of the new form of the corona virus, Omicron.

Ahead of a meeting with the COVID-19 response team at the White House, Biden spoke about the administration’s efforts to deal with the redesign, as well as trying to convince concerned countrymen that the current increase in cases was due to the outbreak of the pandemic. show little resemblance to cases reported during or in the winter of the previous year.


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