Vaccine overdosing in new zealand: Vaccine Over Dose In New Zealand: What if 10 doses of corona vaccine are administered? In New Zealand, a person got the vaccine several times in 24 hours – Effect Of Vaccine Overdosing Man In New Zealand Takes Corona Vaccine Jabs Ten Times In 24 Hours

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  • In New Zealand, a person got the corona vaccine 10 times within 24 hours
  • According to the information, vaccinated by visiting different vaccination centers
  • Health Ministry is very concerned about the health of the person, orders for investigation

There is a competition for the vaccine all over the world. Some have to get the first dose, some to the second dose and some to the booster dose. The demand for the vaccine has increased after the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, came to the fore as experts have said that the vaccine is the only protection. But for a New Zealand man, the ‘life-saving’ vaccine became a ‘life-threatening’ and this happened due to overdosing of the vaccine.

So far, two or three doses of the vaccine are being administered, but in New Zealand, a person got 10 doses of the vaccine in 24 hours. After the news surfaced, the Health Ministry swung into action and ordered an inquiry. According to media reports, money was given to the person for every dose of the vaccine, due to which he visited many vaccination centers during the day. Officials say that they have received information about the vaccine overdosing case and are taking it seriously.
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The officer said – this is a very worrying situation
Astrid Korniff, group manager for the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Vaccination Program, said: “This is a very worrying situation and we are in contact with many agencies.” If you know of someone who has taken multiple doses of the vaccine, advise them to see a doctor as soon as possible. At present, the ministry has not told where the incident took place. Experts say that there is no data on taking so many doses of vaccine in a day.

Not accurate information about side effects but dangerous
Professor Nikki Turner of the University of Auckland said that the vaccine being used was based on preliminary data. It develops strong immunity system in the body. Taking multiple doses of the vaccine is injurious to health, but there is no information available about what kind of side effects are seen on health. It is definitely not safe and has posed a risk to that person.

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