vegas loop traffic jam: Watch Elon Musk Vegas Loop tunnel traffic jam Video Viral: Watch Elon Musk’s video of vegas loop traffic jam

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  • Users furious over video of Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop traffic jam
  • People told Loop the trap of death, said – people cannot run away in times of danger
  • The company counted all the security arrangements, bid – no threat

People are furious about the Vegas Loop Tunnel of billionaire American businessman and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. People believe that Musk has made this tunnel like a death trap. Many users claim that if there is a fire in this narrow tunnel, then the people in the car will not even get a chance to escape. This tunnel is built 40 feet below the ground.

The Vegas Loop Tunnel was built by Elon Musk’s Boring Company. Recently a video of this tunnel has surfaced. In which the traffic jam inside the tunnel is shown. A passenger sitting in the back seat of a car made by Musk’s company Tesla has recorded this short clip. It depicts several vehicles stopping behind each other inside a white tunnel lit with lights.

Users slamming Vegas Loop
On social media, users have strongly pulled up this project of Elon Musk. One user said what if there is an accident and a fire breaks out? How do people leave? It’s a death trap waiting to happen. Especially after Tesla’s battery caught fire…. Another user said that ‘Vegas actually allowed Elon Musk to build a less sustainable metro system…. They actually let him make a discounted Tesla ad.’

According to Boring’s website, several safety measures have been put in place to deal with the fire inside the tunnel. It states that emergency exit, fire detection system, fire extinguishing system, emergency communication system for first response to fire has also been installed in the loop tunnel. The company also noted that all systems are frequently tested with local police and fire departments.

Company bid – no danger inside the tunnel
The company said that there was no danger of anyone being imprisoned inside the tunnel. Exit gates have been installed throughout the tunnel for safe evacuation of passengers in case of emergency. The tunnel has also been fitted with a two-way ventilation system, which in case of fire, will take out the smoke and provide clean air to the passengers. This loop was inaugurated in April 2021. It cost $52.5 million to complete.


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