Video: The man lifted a 64 kg woman tied in a beard, people asked – what do you put on your hair?

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What is the use of a human beard? If your beard is as strong as the man shown in this Guinness World Records Instagram video, you can do anything with it. After watching the video you will understand why this is being said. Actually the man has set a world record by lifting a woman with his beard. The beard of a person named Antanas Kontrimas came in handy for making a world record. He set a world record for lifting the ‘heaviest item with his beard’. For this, the woman he picked up weighed 63.80 kg. Guinness World Records shared his video on Instagram, which shocked people. In the video, a woman can be seen tied to his beard with the help of a harness. In the beginning, this work seems very difficult to see, but Kontrimas easily achieve success in it.

People asked- Which hair product do you use?Since being shared on Instagram, it has been viewed by 1 million people and has been liked by more than 92 thousand people. Social media users were surprised to see the strength of his beard. People asked him which hair products do you use? It’s really scary. Kontrimas did this feat on 26 June 2013 in Turkey. Since then, even after eight years, this record is in his name.

hand drawn carIn the past, on the occasion of Guinness World Record Day, many people showed their talents and set world records. China’s Shuang managed to pull a car 50 meters in just 1 minute 13.27 seconds while balancing on his hands. After breaking the record, he revealed that having a strong waist and abs is the real skill. Also, you should have control in your triceps, arms and shoulders.


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