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Hiren KotwaniThere is a trend of light-hearted family comedy drama films going on in Bollywood these days. The specialty of these films is that they are liked by all kinds of audiences. If such a film has frozen actors, then it is considered a guarantee of success. There is such a film in which , , and Ratna Pathak Shah are seen doing a great job of comedy.

Story: Dhruv Shikhar (Rajkummar Rao) is an orphan boy who fights his difficulties to become a successful man. He wants to marry Anya Mehra (Kriti Sanon). Anya wants to marry a man who has a lovely family and a cute dog. Anya’s family had ended in an accident, after which she too was adopted by Uncle. Now Dhruv has to create his own fake family to marry Anya. For this he gets Purushottam Mishra (Paresh Rawal) to be his father and Deepti Kashyap (Ratna Pathak Shah) to be his mother. However, Purushottam and Deepti also have a different story of their own.

Review: The story of the film starts off very well. Director Abhishek Jain has previously directed many Gujarati hit films. The screenplay of the film is written by Prashant Jha which is not as strong as it could have been. The first half of the film is fast but the second half is a bit cumbersome because you already know everything. Then it seems that the film was hastily ended with a happy ending.

Acting: Talking about acting, Rajkumar Rao does not seem to be falling short of anywhere. Rajkummar Rao lives up to his character without much effort. Kriti Sanon has also done justice to her character. If seen, the life of the film is Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak Shah, who after a time start looking like lead actors in the film. The chemistry of both looks amazing in the film. Aparshakti Khurana has been typecast as the hero’s friend. However, he has played his role well. Sanand Verma, Manu Rishi Chadha and Prachi Shah Pandya are well suited for supporting roles.

Why watch: Overall it is a good comedy film. It can be seen on weekends with the whole family.


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