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The Sun is not the only blazing star in space. A smaller form of the Sun has recently exploded a magnetic plasma gas 10 times larger than any other Sun-like star, according to a new study. The star named EK Draconis is only 100 million (100 million) years old. This means that it looked a lot like Earth’s sun about 4.5 billion years ago. Chief researcher Yuta Natsu of the University of Colorado at Boulder has given this information.

Research results show that the Sun is capable of ejecting a coronal mass ejection (CME – bubble of plasma gas). Which is bigger than any explosion observed so far. Since our Sun is older than EK Draconis, it remains relatively quiet. Such large ejections on the Sun are decreasing, yet it is important to understand the upper limit of the CME as these energetic, magnetic bursts interact with Earth’s atmosphere.
What was shown on the surface of the sun that NASA had to warn, said – special for the earth for the next two days
Solar storms can produce ‘lethal levels’ of radiation
These explosions rising from the surface of the Sun can potentially create geomagnetic storms that can disrupt satellites. These can cause blackouts and disrupt the Internet and other communications. CMEs are also a potential threat to crewed missions to the Moon or Mars. According to NASA, these solar storms generate streams of high-energy particles that can expose anyone outside Earth’s protective magnetic shield to radiation equivalent to 300,000 chest X-rays at once.

New stars more capable of producing superflares
Natsu and his colleagues reported in 2019 that Sun-like stars are capable of producing large bursts of electromagnetic radiation called superflares. The researchers found that young Sun-like stars produce superflares on a weekly basis. Whereas older stars like Earth’s Sun produce them less, possibly once every 1000 years. Recently a solar storm originated from the surface of the sun is rapidly moving towards the earth. Seeing the speed of this storm, scientists of the US space agency NASA have also issued a warning.

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