Where Is ISI Chief : New DG ISI Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum Wants No Media Coverage Asked Not To Share His Photo Or Video With Media Pakistani media yearning for darshan

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  • The new DG ISI was not seen after the appointment. General Nadeem Anjum
  • Pakistani minister said- new DG ISI stays away from media coverage
  • Instructions given to officials not to release photos or videos of any meeting

The new DG of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum, has asked all concerned officials not to release his videos or photos made during any official meeting to the media. A federal minister, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Pakistani media on Monday that for this reason the government has not released any photographs or video footage of him.

The National Security Committee meeting was held in Pakistan on Monday in which DG ISI was also present. But in the pictures and videos released by the government to the media, everyone except Nadeem Anjum can be seen. When asked the reason, the minister said that this is a standing instruction from the current DG ISI to all the concerned officers. They cannot release any photo or video of any official meeting in which DG ISI is present.
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Staying away from media is the first principle of intelligence services
According to the report of The News, the minister is shying away from speaking it in front of everyone. The minister said that this is the reason that since his appointment as DG ISI, no photograph or video footage of him has surfaced in the media. Lt Gen (R.) Amjad Shoaib said that the basic principle of intelligence services is to stay away from the eyes of the media. He said this principle has been violated in the past and that governments have at times released photographs and videos of intelligence chiefs to the media.

Rules have been broken in history
He said that intelligence chiefs should not be featured in the media and on TV. This doctrine was violated during the Afghan War when General Hameed Gul and General Javed Nasir were leading the ISI. Speaking to The News, Major General (R) Ejaz Awan, who had worked in ISI, said that the new DG ISI seems to be doing his work without appearing in front of the media.


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