WHO has told Omicron Variants of Concern, here are some important facts about it

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If you have started being careless towards Kovid-19, then you should know about this new strain of corona listed as Variant of Concern.

The situation became normal in the world due to corona virus infection (covid-19) that a new trouble was born. New variant of corona virus infection B.1.1.529 Omicron has become a new matter of concern for the world. The World Health Organization has also expressed concern about this. It is listed as a variant of concern by WHO.

Scientists in Japan claim that this new variant is much more dangerous than the Delta Variants. It is not affected by monoclonal antibodies therapy.

The new variant is much more dangerous than the delta variant. Image : Shutterstock

According to health experts, That, the Omicron COVID-19 variant is the “worst strain of coronavirus ever detected. It has several mutations from the previous COVID-19 strain and many more, which have the potential to make Omicron the most infectious vaccine-resistant variant to date”. Omicron has acquired mutations of the delta variant, which has become the dominant variant worldwide.

Here are some important things to know about Omicron:

1 can reduce the effect of the vaccine

This new variant is a matter of concern for the world because there is a fear that it can make the corona vaccine 40% less effective. According to experts, this is because the number of its mutates is many times more than the delta variant. Also, on B.1.1529, all these changes are on the spike protein of the virus.

The number of mutts in this is many times more than the delta variant. Image : Shutterstock

Where is this variant found?

The variants have so far been spotted in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium, UK, Germany and a few other countries. This variant of the infection has not yet been found in India. Union Health Minister Mansukh on Tuesday Mandaviya Said in Rajya Sabha that new corona virus has been found in 14 countries of the world, but not a single case has been found here so far. At the same time, the state governments are also seen to be taking the strictest steps so that the infection can be prevented from taking effect.

6 times more dangerous than 3 delta variants

The way the Delta variant of Corona virus infection caused havoc in India in the second wave, no one can forget the scene itself. In such a situation, when it comes to 6 times more dangerous variant than the delta variant, then the concern automatically increases.

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