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  • French army kills top ISIS commander in Niger
  • French army is stationed in five countries of Africa, conducts operation against terror
  • IS terrorists who fled from Syria are setting foot in Africa

The French army has killed a top commander of the dreaded terrorist organization ISIS in the African country of Niger. This commander was involved in the killings and massacres of hundreds of people locally. The elimination of this terrorist is being considered a big blow for ISIS in Niger. After being driven out of Syria and Iraq, ISIS fighters now keep Africa as their stronghold. The African country of Mozambique is even being called the capital of ISIS.

French commandos executed through Operation Barkhane
The French Armed Forces Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that a French military unit had killed a prominent member of the Islamic State, Soumna Boura, through its Operation Barkhane. The French military said that Boura was killed in an airstrike on 20 December. However, no information has been given by the ministry regarding the type and area of ​​the airstrike.

Al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram… Why are these dreaded terrorist organizations making Africa a haven of terror?
French army is active against terrorism in African countries
The French military is active in several countries in Africa for counter-terrorism missions. One of those countries is also Niger, where a large contingent of the French army is stationed. This unit takes action against terrorists in African countries through Operation Barkhane. This mission was launched on 1 August 2014. The contingent comprises 5,000 commandos from the French Army, permanently headquartered in Chad’s capital, N’Jamena.

French army operates in these five countries
The operation is carried out in collaboration with five African countries, all of which are former French colonies. In Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, the French military conducts operations in conjunction with the local army and police against terrorists. In 2013, in a similar operation, Serval, the French army had cleared more than half of the country from radical Islamist terrorists in Mali.

The increasing power of ISIS, this dreaded terrorist organization can shake the world again
ISIS increased power in West Asia by killing Boko Haram chief
Intelligence agencies believe that by killing Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, ISIS has merged different terrorist organizations in many countries including Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Chad. Now these terrorist organizations are working together for ISIS.

Conspiracy to kill Madagascar’s President, six including French national arrested
ISIS is making Mozambique the capital of terror
After being driven out of Syria, ISIS fighters have now reached Africa. He has declared a city in the African country of Mozambique as his new capital. Here they are capturing crude oil reserves to increase their income. There has also been an unprecedented increase in the incidents of abduction of women after the arrival of ISIS in this country. It is being said that IS fighters are kidnapping women and making them sex slaves. In Syria too, these terrorists had made many women of the Yadi community as sex slaves.


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