woman raped in london park: 35 year old woman was raped by 13 year old child? Arrest of London Police creates ‘ruckus’ – 13 year old boy arrested for raping 35 year old woman in london park, victim was sexually assaulted by two males

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  • 35 year old woman raped in London park
  • Police arrested a 13-year-old accused
  • One accused absconding, police searching

In Britain, the case of rape of a 35-year-old woman in a London park is getting worse. Under pressure, the London Police has arrested a 13-year-old child as an accused in this case. Actually, this accused was caught by a man walking the dog at the spot. Whereas, the second accused had managed to escape from the spot.

A suspect was caught by a man walking a dog
Police said the woman had written in her report that she was raped by two suspects at 11 pm on Tuesday at Vince Common in Plumstead, London. One of the suspects was apprehended by a dog walker present at the spot. The man’s dog attacked the suspect and bit his fingers. The search is on for the absconding accused in this case.

The accused was bitten by a dog, admitted to the hospital
As My London News reports, the boy was arrested on suspicion of rape. The police had admitted him to the hospital due to a dog bite injury on his hand. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said police were called to Lakedale Road, SE18, shortly before 11 p.m. on December 21 to report a rape of a woman by two men.

Police looking for another accused
He further said that when the police reached the spot, it was told that the 35-year-old woman was raped by two men in the bushes near Lakedale Road SE18. A common man who was walking his dog at the spot. He helped the police in apprehending a suspect. Police said that we are interrogating the arrested accused and will soon nab the absconding accused as well.


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